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Version 2.18.1 Release Notes
April 30, 2016

Version 2.18.0 Release Notes
December 25th, 2015

Version 2.17.1 Release Notes
December 19, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.16.0 Release Notes
July 27, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.15.4 Release Notes
July 18, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.15.3 Release Notes
May 27, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.15.0 Release Notes
May 2, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.14.5 Release Notes
March 22, 2015

Version 2.14.4 Release Notes
February 28, 2015

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.11.1 Release Notes
November 1, 2014

The following enhancements and fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.10.2 Release Notes
October 4, 2014

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.9.9 Release Notes
August 7, 2014

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.9.5 Release Notes
July 21, 2014

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.8.9 Release Notes
March 2, 2014

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.8.3 Release Notes
December 21, 2013

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.8.2 Release Notes
December 5, 2013

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

Version 2.7.0 Release Notes
November 17, 2013

The following fixes have been applied to the TTAM agency application:

The following fixes have been applied to the Trainer/Trainee portal:

Version 2.6.5 Release Notes
September 29, 2013


Version 2.5.3 Release Notes
July 27, 2013

Version 2.5.2 Release Notes
July 13, 2013

Version 2.4.2 Release Notes
April 23, 2013

Version 2.4.1 Release Notes
March 29, 2013

A bug in the standard training roster report has been fixed. All registration statuses are reported.


Version 2.4 Release Notes
March 9, 2013

Data Entry Enhancements

Administrator Enhancements

Custom Search/Custom Reports.

Trainee/Trainer Portal and Online Training Calendar

Bug Fixes

Training Registry

Version 2.3.10 Release Notes
September 6, 2012

This release allows Application Administrators to conduct Sync Reports to compare the configuration of two databases.

Version 2.3.9 Release Notes
April 7, 2012

Version 2.3.5 Release Notes
March 3, 2012

Person record mapping was switched to Google Maps API Web Services.

A bug that limited the number of characters in the city field on the Agency Update form was fixed.

Version 2.3.4 Release Notes
December 17, 2011

The agency update form was upgraded to include several new fields and to house it in User Management. Administrators can now access and submit updates to the Agency information page any time, previously found under the NACCRRAware Administration tab. The new fields include Member ID, Organization Name, Program Name, Employer ID Number, and Number of Offices.

Version 2.3.3 Release Notes
November 18, 2011

The Attachments link has been removed from the Person record to fix a bug.

Version 2.3.2 Release Notes
October 22, 2011

A new configurable field has been added to the Training Registration page.

Version 2.3.1 Release Notes
September 21, 2011

A bug has been fixed in the Person Employment section regarding the Position Type field for Family Child Care Providers.

Version 2.3 Release Notes
September 12, 2011

Custom Search

Data entry search results can be sorted by clicking on the column header.


Version 2.2 Release Notes
March 28, 2011

Data Entry

Added Web Address field to Training Facility Data Entry screen.

Updated Person Education creation and update forms to only require the setting of achievement date on selected education.

Added ability to sort data entry search results by clicking on the column header.

Training Sessions will now sort in reverse chronological order so that newer sessions are listed first.

Removal of dependent data from records is now required before they can be deleted. Users will receive a message prompting them to delete dependent data before removing a record (for example, deleting training registrations before deleting a training session).

Added a new registration status 'On Hold'. Registrations in the 'On Hold' status do not get counted toward the Maximum Enrollment of a Training Session.

Fixed trainee search for registrations to include additional search fields and to properly handle search scope. Local search scope now restricts the search to those trainees whose home agency id is set to the agency user's agency id. State scope now restricts the search to those trainees whose state matches the state of the agency user's agency.

Renumbered the TA project phase values to allow the Recruitment Phase to sort ahead of the Initiation Phase.

Agency Administrators can remove Trainer Experiences if needed.

The link to Create a New Child Care Facility has been removed since the Care Facility Creation Form is not yet configured to properly create Care Facilities so they are accurately filed in NACCRRAware.

Removed the display of 'null' from the care facility search results and removed the link to the primary owner record if the primary owner is set as null or if the primary owner is one of excluded person types (IMM user, care center provider, etc.).

Statewide Training Calendar

Implemented the state training calendar function. States that are using TTAM can now compile the trainings offered by all CCR&Rs using TTAM within that state.

Custom Fields

Added custom field functionality by creating five custom fields for use with training session screen. Users will create Custom Values and then assign them to Custom Fields as needed.

Custom Queries

Added Institution information to Person Education, Person License, Person Credential, and Person Certificate custom queries.

Added additional custom query types to include trainee licenses, trainee credentials, and trainee certificates.

Added region field to appropriate custom queries.

Added all fields on the Trainee General page to the "Custom Query Result Fields Selection Form" and the "Custom Query Condition Fields Selection Form" for Trainers, Trainees, and Persons.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug when adding an employee from the Care Facility Employees listing page. The Care Facility type (either Family Child Care Provider or Child Care Center) is now accurately recorded when employment is created on the Care Facility Employees page.

Removed three custom data types: Trainer Job Title, Position Title, and Training Type. These are not used within TTAM and should not have been available for agencies to customize.

Fixed a bug that prevented data from accurately saving for Child Care Facilities that did not have the License Capacity, Age Group From, and/or Age Group To data in NACCRRAware.

A bug was fixed that prevented proper handling of Person records that did not have an associated User Name. TTAM requires the entry of User Name when creating Trainee or Trainer records. TTAM requires the entry of user name when updating a person record that does not have an associated User Name. An error message prompts a user to enter a User Name when trying to save a Person record without a User Name.

A bug was fixed that prevented the Start Date and End Date to work as expected when setting user roles.

User Roles

Fixed TA specific links within Early Care and Learning Facilities, Classroom, and Common Resource pages so that they are available to only TA users.

Version 2.1.5 Release Notes
December 18, 2010

Data Entry

Users can add new care facility employees from the care facility employees listing page.

The child care facility's city, county, and phone numbers automatically populate from NACCRRAware data when a child care facility is selected on the Person Data Entry Employment page.

Users can now select a child care facility when the employer type is a faith based organization.

A trainee's current position will default to the newest position created as long as there is no end date set in the employment record.

Error message correctly appears when a training session is created without a Training Facility.

Bug that prevented the multi-date session schedule from appearing appropriately has been fixed.

Reports and Custom Searches

The Training Session Roster report now includes all registration statuses.

Bug that prevented a training registration custom search from displaying records correctly has been fixed.

Trainee Education Search and Trainee Employment Search have been added to the list of Custom Searches.

Online Training Calendar

Bug that prevented agency configurations and customizations from appearing correctly on the Online Training Calendar has been fixed.

Users can sort the Events Listing on the Online Training Calendar by clicking on the column header of each column.

Navigation buttons have been added to the Online Training Calendar to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.

The Online Training Calendar's Training Session Information page has the sponsoring CCR&R's contact information posted. This information is pulled from the Agency page that the agency's Database Administrator updates quarterly.

Statewide training calendar capabilities have been added to the Online Training Calendar feature.


Version 2.0 Release Notes
October 9, 2010

Additional documentation can be found in the TTAM Version 2 Overview document.

Data Entry

Each TT related database (Early Care and Learning Facilities, Classrooms, Training Facilities, Institutions, Persons, Trainee, Trainer, Trainings and Registrations) has been enhanced with new search fields. Two new databases have been added:


A new menu option under Data Entry, "Custom Data Types", contains new custom data management features and expands on the available custom data types. This menu option is only visible to those users with administrative rights.

Agency Profiles

Custom Search

New custom search categories have been added for the new Person and Institution databases. In addition, a new Action Log query set has been added as well. For all custom search reports, the results can now be sorted after display. The column headers (field names) can be clicked to sort in ascending order.

Database Structure

The database software has been upgraded to allow for new features and increased performance.

Bug Fixes

Training Session Funding entries can now be added to training sessions.

A bug prevented Training codes configured by the Database Administrator from appearing in a drop-down list on the Training Data Entry General screen. If an agency's Database Administrator has configured training codes these codes will now appear in the drop down list as appropriate. (Note: the codes will only appear if the agency settings are set to use configurable training codes. This can be done by going to My Profile - User Agency and checking Use Configurable Training Codes.

Bugs that have prevented the TA Statistical Reports from running correctly have been fixed. The reports should now run as expected.

Version 1.1.14 Release Notes
July 10, 2010

User can now see a child care facility's primary owner in the search results when conducting a child care facility search on the Trainee Employment page.

User is now required to activate training credits before creating a training session.

User Name Added to search fields

User Name has been added as field in the custom search function for trainees, trainers, training sessions and registrations. Users can select this field as a search criteria as well as a query result.

User Name value now appears in the search results when conducting a trainee search for training registration.

Bug Fixes

A bug that incorrectly displayed Training Session times has been fixed.

A bug that prevented users from accurately updating Training Facility data has been fixed.

Version 1.1.13 Release Notes
March 25, 2010

Birth Date and Social Security Number Change

New Trainer and Trainee records will no longer require the individual's birth date and last 5 digits of the Social Security Number (SSN). The fields will still be present to allow agencies that collect this information to continue doing so. Trainers and trainees can also be identified by a unique User Name instead of the Individual ID created by the system using these two pieces of information. If the individual's birth date and SSN are entered, a user can select the Set DOB/SSN as User Name button to use the same convention as before (yymmdd#####) to create the User Name. However, users can overwrite this information with a unique user name instead. The User Name field is a required field and must be entered before a new record can be saved. User Name is checked for uniqueness across all TTAM databases nationwide. If the User Name already exists, the agency user will receive a message and must enter a different User Name in order to save the record.

Phone Number Change

Trainer and Trainee records will now accept a dash (-) in the phone number field. Users can now enter the phone number with or without the dash (-).

Training Registration Screen

The list of trainees on the Training Registration screen are now alphabetized by the registrant's last name.

At the bottom of the list of registrations users will now see a tally of the total number of registrants as well as a tally of registrants within each registration status.

Training Portal Changes

Security concerns have prompted us to reset the passwords for the Training Portal. The last four digits or the trainer's/trainee's SSN is no longer his/her password for the Training Portal. All trainers/trainees must reset their passwords before they can login to the training portal. A link on the login screen will allow the trainer/trainee to request their password be reset, and an email will be sent with instructions. After the password is reset, an email confirmation will also be sent to alert the user that the password has been changed. This same email notification will be sent whenever the password is reset. These email notifications require the trainer/trainee to have a valid email address in order to access the training portal.

Trainees can now create a record in TTAM via the Self-Registration feature in the Training portal of TTAM. Trainees that wish to attend training, but are not yet entered into the agency TTAM database, can complete the initial form to add themselves to the database. A trainee has the choice to create his/her record through a new three-step process or via a single screen registration form. A trainee must have an email address to use this feature so he/she can receive the confirmation email as well as password reset instructions. After completing the registration process, a trainee will be able to update his/her record, access the training calendar, and register for trainings online.

Trainees will also be able to set or change their Home Agency from the Training Portal. When a trainee uses the Self-Registration feature he/she can establish his/her Home Agency by simply registering for a training offered by that agency. He/she can also search for agencies within a specified distance using the Agency Search feature. Trainees who already have a record in TTAM can also use the Agency Search feature to change their Home Agency.

The Training Class Search screen now allows trainees to search for all classes in their state or another state of their choice. By default the state will match the trainee's address but the information can be changed with each training search.

Bug Fixes

A bug that hid a trainee/trainer from view when an employment record was removed has been fixed.

A bug that created an 'Unexpected Error' message when a user creates a trainee record has been fixed.

A bug that prevented users from searching for trainings using the Contains option with the Training Title has been fixed.


Version 1.1.12 Release Notes
March 24, 2010

An Agency Update page has been added to NACCRRA's Suite of Data Services that will help NACCRRA maintain accurate information about each agency using one or more NDS applications (NACCRRAware, TTAM, or CCO). This includes the agency name, address, phone, website, and NDS contact person.

After this release, a Database Administrator from each agency will need to review and update the Agency Update form when first logging into an NDS application. Administrators will then see the update page every 90 days, and will need to review and approve the agency information or make appropriate changes.

Version 1.1.11 Release Notes
February 19, 2010

The NACCRRAware provider database and the TTAM database have been integrated. This allows agencies to update records in either application through a common data source (CDS) with updates immediately reflected in NACCRRAware, TTAM and Child Care Online.

Training Credits

The Training Credits page has been updated to align the TTAM content areas with the CDA content areas.

Version 1.1.10 Release Notes
November 21, 2009

General Changes

Configurable city and county fields for Trainees/Trainers were added. Under the Administration section, Database Administrators will be able to add specific city and county values before they are displayed on the data entry screens. Users will be able to select a city or county from a drop-down list or select Other from the list and populate a text box field with the appropriate city or county information.

Training Tracking Changes

Configurable fields for the list of actions for the Trainer and Trainee Action Logs have been added. A Database Administrator can configure this list under the Administration section of TTAM.

Configurable fields for Training Codes have been added. Database Administrators will need to turn on the Configurable field under My Profile - User Agency. Then Database Administrators will need to add specific training codes to TTAM so that users have a set list of Training Codes to choose from. This is done under Administration - Customize Data Elements. If a Database Administrator chooses not to turn on the configurable field feature, users will have a text field to enter codes created by each user.

Database Administrators have a new ability to change a Trainee's registration status from Completed to Enrolled. Users can then change the Enrolled status to Completed, Withdrawn, No Show, etc.

Trainee City, Trainee County, Trainee State, and Trainee Zip fields were added to result field choices for the Training Registration Custom Search.

Users can export data from a Custom Search via an XML, Excel (ASCII tab delimited text format), or CVS format so that the data can be used with other software applications to create sign-in sheets, certificates, etc.

TA Management Changes

The Child Care Facility Search Results screen has a Primary Owner column (pulled from the First Name and Last Name fields in NACCRRAware) that has been added to help users identify a Child Care Facility that does not have a Business Name (i.e. Family Child Care providers).

The required fields on the Common Resource Data Entry - General Information Screen are now appropriately marked with an asterisk (*).

The Classroom Data Entry page has the phrase "Child Care Facility" instead of "Center" to accurately incorporate Family Child Care and other non-center types of care.

The term "Work" was added to the City, County, State, Zip, etc. fields on the Employee Addition Form to clarify the information for users.

The "Add Center Name to Project Name" check box has been added to the TA Project Data Entry - Creation Form when a user creates a new TA Project; clicks on the Update button within a TA Project; or navigates to the Project screens from the Data Entry screen.

Due to the complex nature of the data entry needed to create a TA Episode or a TA Recipient via the Data Entry screen, the ability to create these records has been removed from the Data Entry screens. Users can search for existing TA Episodes and TA Recipients from the Data Entry screen. However, users will now create these records under the Project section of the database, streamlining the data entry process.

"Recruitment Phase" was added to the list of options in the Phase field in TA Projects and TA Episodes.

"Language Used" field has been added to Phone and Email TA Episodes.

Users are no longer able to create, delete, or modify National Level Initiatives. This provides a level of security for initiatives created at the national level. Users will now submit requests for a national level initiative to the NDS Help Desk.

When a Database Administrator navigates to User Management via the NDS Apps menu, the program opens in a new window instead of opening in the current window.

Bug Fixes:

Bug prevented users from selecting Trainers, Trainees, Training Facilities, and Child Care Facilities with an apostrophe (') in the title. This bug has been repaired and users should be able to select records with an apostrophe in the record name.

Bug prevented the trainers and trainees from searching for trainings and viewing past and upcoming trainings on the Training Tracking Public Portal ( This bug has been fixed and the portal is working correctly.

Bug was preventing users from getting accurate results when running Training Session and Training Registration Custom Queries using date parameters. This bug has been repaired and the queries are producing accurate results.

Bug allowed users to see facility data created by other agencies. This bug has been fixed and users should only be able to see facility data created by their own agency.

Bug sent users back to the search page when they clicked on the Previous link of the third page or higher of the Classroom, Child Care Facility, Initiative, Project, Episode, Recipient, or Specialist results screen. The bug has been fixed and users can navigate appropriately through the results screens.

Version 1.1.9 Release Notes
August 15, 2009

The system architecture was updated to allow for more seamless data exchange among all NDS applications. For more information about the fields that were updated please refer to the Help Screens.

Version 1.1.8 Release Notes
August 8, 2009

Implementation of the new User Management utility was added to Training and Technical Assistance Management (TTAM). Database Administrators for all NDS Applications will manage users via the User Management utility. TTAM administrators can access the utility by clicking on User Management in the NDS Apps menu. TTAM administrators can also access Update Logs that show a record of any updates applied to users.

Fixes were applied to enhance usage auditing and security.

Additional information and instructions are available on the Help screen in User Management.


Version 1.1.7 Release Notes
June 29, 2009

Error message that appears when creating a training registration without selecting a trainee is clear.

Allows creation and update of agency without selecting parent agency or primary contact person.

User can now create a TA Episode Time without being required to select a specific classroom.

Fixed custom search status option values. The search would pull inactive records even if Active was set as a search criteria. This bug has been resolved and only active records will be pulled if active status is included in the search criteria.

Fixed TA Recipient search error. User is now able to enter search criteria in the TA Recipient Search Screen and will not get an error message.

Fixed TA Recipient and TA Episode Time status issue. Both were set to a default Inactive status. Now the default status is Active.

Fixed bug that prevented removing users that had created and stored action logs.

Other various updates and bug fixes were released to improve performance.

Version 1.1.6 Release Notes
June 29, 2009

A fix was applied that eliminates duplicate person problems related to creating or updating a TA specialist.

The layout was updated so that the menu structure follows the menu structure used in other NDS applications.

Various data entry menu displays were fixed.

Various validation errors are now correctly handled.

Other various bug fixes and updates were implemented for better performance.

Version 1.1.5 Release Notes
June 13, 2009

Single Sign On (SSO) capability was added to Training and Technical Assistance Management (TTAM). SSO allows users to navigate from one application in NACCRRA's Suite of Data Services (NDS) to another without having to open a new web page and log into an additional program. If your agency is not using the other NDS programs, or if a user account does not have authorization to access another, NDS will notify the user that he/she does not have access to that application.

SSO has two login fields: User ID and Password. However, the Agency ID will be added to a user's current NACCRRAware User ID. The Single Sign On login looks like this:

User ID: UserID@AgencyID
Password: xxxxxxxx

Users will be able to access a feature that will allow them to continue using their "old" NACCRRAware user credentials for a period of time. If a user has the same User ID for multiple applications but different passwords for each application, the SSO password will match the user's NACCRRAware password.

Various bugs were fixed and the code was restructured for better performance.

Version 1.1.2 Release Notes
May 7, 2009

The TA off-site episode page layout was updated to match the TA on-site episode page.

Various bug fixes.

Version 1.1.1 Release Notes
May 4, 2009

A bug that was causing problems with the addition of trainees and trainers because of incompatibilities with geocoding software was fixed.

Version 1.1.0 Release Notes
May 3, 2009

Technical Assistance Management functionality was added and integrated with Training Tracking.

Version 1.0.14
April 9, 2009

This update addresses the registration email concerns by doing the following:

Version 1.0.13
March 11, 2009

This update fixes the problem with trainer visibility. With this update, users are now able to see trainers correctly based on their visibility settings. This update also fixes the problem with the trainer selection option which showed only local trainers when creating a training session.

Version 1.0.12
March 9, 2009

This update allows the use of external properties file ( for setting the SMTP host.


Version 1.0.11
February 14, 2009

This update fixes the Training Session Participant Summary Report by removing the duplicate listing of training sessions.

Version 1.0.10
February 4, 2009

This update provides the capability of setting registration status to no-show.

Version 1.0.9
February 2, 2009

This updates adds both the Pending and Enrolled columns to the Training Session Participant Summary Report.

Version 1.0.8
November 1, 2008

This version contains the following changes:

Version 1.0.7
October 3, 2008

This version includes the registration payments reporting functionality specified in the TT Task Order - Payment Reports. In particular, this version adds the Trainee Registration Payments Report and Training Session Payments Report and provides custom query capabilities for the registration and registration payment data.

The Trainee Registration Payments Report can be accessed using Reports ==> Trainee Reports ==> Individual Trainee Registration Reports to get the listing of trainees and selecting the "Payments" button next to the desired trainee.

The Training Session Payments Report can be accessed using Reports ==> Training Reports ==> Training Session Roster/Payments Report to get the listing of training sessions and selecting the "Payments" button next to the desired training session.

Version 1.0.6
July 22, 2008

This version includes a bug fix for the Individual Trainee Registration Report so that trainees with the same name but different individual IDs are all reported separately.

Version 1.0.5
July 14, 2008

This version implements the functionality for capturing registration payment information.

Version 1.0.4
March 25, 2008

This update provides the Individual Trainee Registration Report (previously known as Person Training Registration Listing). This report is available from the Trainee Reports page.

Version 1.0
January 20, 2008

Initial Release of Training Tracking.